ANADA Limited



Sourced from the Source

While supply chains are important, multiple middle parties are not. We aim to work directly with producers to ensure best value for all.

Personal Service

We are responsive, flexible, professional and friendly. Our aim is for us to know you, and you to know us, to ensure our customers keep returning for reliability, quality and honesty.

Ethical & Sustainable

From materials to producers and the products we deliver, our aim is to ensure ethical and responsible partnerships that – as our motto states – results in Sustainability for All.

Local Knowledge

We are on the ground and engaged, with team members and contacts across all parts of the country, ensuring that our knowledge is beneficial for all those we work alongside


We are always open to engaging with any interested individuals and businesses, and currently work with people from across the
world, including architects, interior designers and importers. Please get in touch to join our ever-growing global partner base.