" Sustainable for All "

Sustainable for All means sustainable on many levels – for the communities who produce and sell products, for the customers who put their trust in our services, and for the natural world we live in.

Sustainable for All is about balance – a balance between the people and our habitat that has been taking place since the dawn of time – a balance that is now a greater challenge than ever before.

At ANADA Limited, we understand the challenges, strengths and opportunities for sustainable products in Indonesia, and we aim to bring this knowledge and understanding to the world. ANADA Limited sources, produces and distributes products that are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable (Sustainable for All), forming our small part of a larger movement to ensure a happy and healthy world for many generations to come.

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Anysia and Will first met in Anysia’s home town of Yogyakarta, Java Island, in 2014. After relocating to Bali in 2017, the couple continued to build their experiences working on projects across the island nation. Will’s work in the Australian Aid programs, and more recently as a documentary film director has seen him engage in many of Indonesia’s community-level industries, and develop a wide array of contacts across the country. Anysia – with a background in Biotechnological Science, undertook a range of roles managing local and international portfolios for reclaimed timber, ethically-sourced food products, and community-made handicrafts. With Anysia’s hometown based in Central Java – one of the nation’s primary developers of all products great and small – the couple decided to develop ANADA Limited with an aim to provide ethical and sustainable products through a sustainable product sourcing prioritising quality and customer service.

Why Choose Us?

While supply chains are important, multiple middle parties are not. We aim to work directly with producers to ensure best value for all.
We are responsive, flexible, professional and friendly. Our aim is for us to know you, and you to know us, to ensure our customers keep returning for reliability, quality and honesty.
From materials to producers and the products we deliver, our aim is to ensure ethical and responsible partnerships that – as our motto states – results in Sustainability for All.
We are on the ground and engaged, with team members and contacts across all parts of the country, ensuring that our knowledge is beneficial for all those we work alongside.


Indonesia can be a tricky yet rewarding place to do business, whether sourcing materials and products or simply looking to establish working relationships. The country requires strong elements of both ‘who you know’ and ‘what you know’ – but with both, there is a rich array of choice and opportunity that awaits. Whatever you specific need, our small yet knowledgeable and reliable team is ready to support you in any way. For most business interest, the first point of call is Bali. While the Island of Gods is undoubtedly home to a beautiful array of designs and materials, in reality many of the products procured from the island are created on another of the nation’s 17,000+ islands, and make their way through a range of middlemen (each with their own fee) and logistics to arrive at your door. With our vast range of contacts and trusted suppliers across the country, ANADA Limited provides sustainable product sourcing and guarantees the best price and the most fluent and transparent transaction process available.

Quality and Trust. The two key obstacles that often stop foreigners exploring business opportunities in Indonesia. At ANADA Limited we base our services on these two premises – ensuring quality and promoting trust. We will make sure that what you want and what you order is what you receive – that is our responsibility. We don’t aim for one-time sales, we focus on ongoing partnerships with clients who don’t hesitate to come directly to us with a variety of requests. The only way to develop trust is by working together openly and honestly, so we invite you to talk with us directly about how we can support you to progress your business interests.

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