Indonesia is home to some of the world’s most beautiful and renowned timber species. The nation was built on hardwood timber, with all regions and islands developing their traditional homes and infrastructure using unique, practical and authentic designs. Unfortunately, the modern world caught up to the traditions, and in recent times many of Indonesia’s beautiful old-growth forests have been completely destroyed, while modern designs using different materials are becoming increasingly popular with the nation’s population.

However, out of this destruction we have begun to see the emergence of a thriving reclaimed timber industry, with beautiful products developed from the remains of Indonesia’s grand and historical structures being torn down and replaced by bricks and steel. Impressive Kalimantan Ironwood (Ulin) and Javanese Teak (Jati) lumber – otherwise headed for the woodfire – is being transformed into decking, furnishings, and crafts by some of the nation’s traditional wood workers, with the amazing pieces having to be seen to be believed.

ANADA Limited works with a range of local partners to source reclaimed timber supply from Kalimantan and Java islands, before entrusting product development to some of Indonesia’s most experience craftspeople. Not only beautiful – these timbers are also famous for their durability – with decades of drying only adding to their unique appearance and ability to withstand almost any climate and use with little deterioration. All our reclaimed timber products come with the proper certification and guarantees of sustainable sourcing, and we have the full confidence that our partners can develop any piece your heart desires that will exceed even your highest expectations.


ANADA Limited offers two varieties of reclaimed timber in a number of styles. The timber is sourced and certified from sites across Indonesia.


One of the world’s most sought-after high-density Class 1 timber for both in and above-ground uses. Sourced directly from historic structures on the island of Borneo, it’s durability is unbeatable.


A favourite of the timber world, Javanese Teak has been a staple of the region’s woodworks for centuries. Its reclaimed version is even stronger and more durable, registered at Class 1 for above-ground use.