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Hand-made Furniture for Projects


Reclaimed timber furniture, also known as upcycled or repurposed wooden furniture, is integral to the sustainability of our world into the future. Such eco-friendly furniture choice is becoming more important for buyers. Our handcrafted furniture, custom-made by the ANADA Limited team in Indonesia, is produced from salvaged wood sourced from old teak wood structures. These include barns, houses, bridges and other infrastructure. The rustic timber is then transformed into beautiful, reclaimed teak furniture – such as a kitchen set, sofa, desk, table and other furniture. You then have beautiful and sustainable furniture pieces for your home, hotel, restaurant and other businesses.

ANADA Limited specifically focuses on custom-made, high-quality furniture for projects in Indonesia and export globally. We provide furniture to projects such as hotel developments, villas and restaurants, delivering furniture that is made by hand, in-line with our clients’ designs. We export our teak furniture and homewares to Europe, USA, Australia and Asia, with a successful portfolio of projects across the world. We also offer a personalized, professional experience for all clients who work with us. If you have an upcoming project, or designs for furniture that require high-quality timber products, ANADA Limited is your solution for all your wooden furniture needs.

Due to the strength and longevity of reclaimed teakwood, as well as the beautiful looks that it offers, ANADA Limited’s custom-made furniture is experiencing increased demand globally. As we expand to meet this demand, we maintain our focus on delivering high-quality furniture, and ensuring our furniture from reclaimed timber is sustainable and exquisite in every way.