Sustainable Products from throughout Indonesia

ANADA Limited is an Indonesian-owned company based in Bali, focusing on providing global access to sustainable products Indonesia – products that fall within sustainable design principles to meet a need in a new and better way. It is further imperative to consider impacts not only on the environment (ecology) but also on people (equity) while simultaneously minding the business aspects of the activity (economy).

Our sustainable raw materials are low-impact and renewable (grown and harvested locally) – including bamboo, rattan, reclaimed wood, recycled paper, natural stone, coconut waste and a wide range of natural fibres material including seagrass, water hyacinth, palm raffia, banana bark, abaca fibre, hemp, jute, cotton – to provide sustainable products from Indonesia. We also look to sustainable design processes that ensure product creation can be energy efficiency, harmless to the environment, ethical, and providing economic development.

In this rapidly changing world, we realise that consumer demand for eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable products are growing. At ANADA Limited we are engaged in this opportunity and challenge, therefore we also offer sustainable product sourcing from Indonesia for global traders and retailers. With our vast reliable local partners from across the country, we can guarantee the best value products, that focus on sustainability from raw materials, an ethical production process, through to shipment.

ANADA Limited aims to provide only the best selection of quality products that are socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable, in which specifically cover the range of sustainable furniture made from reclaimed timber material, green home decor and home accessories made from sustainable and renewable raw material, as well as eco-friendly homewares and handicrafts from across Indonesia.